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5 Best Mattresses for Different Weight Couples

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A common problem many couples face these days is the fact that they have different body types. That means that their mattress should be able to handle this difference and provide each partner with the proper support. For this reason, we decided to create this guide that features a list of the 5 best mattresses for different weight couples. Below, you will find a number of choices that will suit every need and budget.

How to choose a mattress for different-weight couples?

If you and your partner have different body types, you should make sure that you get a mattress that can accommodate both of you. Firstly, you need a mattress with a universal feel so a medium-firm one would be a great start. Secondly, you should probably get a hybrid mattress as they tend to do a better job handling weight. Pocket springs can individually adjust to your body so you will get tailored support. Finally, when you sleep with a partner, your temperature tends to go up so you need a mattress that has cooling properties. If you follow these 3 tips then you have greater chances to get a mattress that is suitable for different-weight couples.

Editor’s Pick – DreamCloud Hybrid

dreamcloud mattress

The DreamCloud mattress is one of the best options for different-weight couples as it checks every box. This hybrid mattress features ActivEdge™ pocket springs that can handle and support every weight. Moreover, this mattress has excellent edge support which is important when you share your bed with a partner. The people at DreamCloud have also designed a great cooling system so this mattress can regulate heat and the sleeping surface will stay cool during the night. For all these reasons, we think that this mattress should be your first choice. It comes with a medium-firm feel and it’s available in 4 sizes.

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Every DreamCloud mattress comes with fantastic service and support. For starters, you will get a 365-night trial period that gives you a full year to try it and decide later whether you want to keep it or not. If you are not happy with it, you can return it and get your money back. Additionally, the DreamCloud mattress comes with free delivery and a forever warranty. This is a superb package here so it’s hard to complain. Overall, this is a great all-rounder and a safe choice for couples.

Best Dual Firmness – Silentnight Yours & Mine

silentnight yours and mine mattress

The Silentnight Yours & Mine range is built for those couples that don’t want to compromise. Each mattress features 2 sides and you can choose to have different firmness setups. The 3 choices available are; soft, medium & firm. That means that you can choose to have a firm side while your partner can go for a softer feel. This is a clever idea that is executed well and it’s not a coincidence that these mattresses have excellent customer reviews. There are 2 options, one with gel foam and a second with traditional memory foam. The downside here is that these mattresses are available in only 2 sizes, king and super king.

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Free delivery for all mattresses at Silentnight Show Less

All Silentnight mattresses come with a 60-night comfort guarantee that gives you 2 months to try this mattress. If you are not happy with it, you can exchange it for any other Silentnight product. Moreover, all mattresses come with a 5-year warranty and free delivery. This is a decent package that will have you covered for some time. Overall, this is a unique proposition so if you look for a dual-firmness mattress, this is the way to go.

Most Comfortable – Hypnia Supreme Hybrid

hypnia supreme hybrid mattress review

As I have already mentioned above, the cooling properties of a mattress are very important when it comes to couples. The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress features an excellent cooling mechanism so it’s a mattress that should be high on your list. This hybrid option is made with natural latex foam that can regulate your body’s temperature and draw heat away. This combined with tall pocket springs and a breathable cover creates a combination that allows airflow and a mattress that breathes well. The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid comes with a medium-firm feel and it’s available in 7 sizes, including some EU ones.

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If you decide to buy a Hypnia mattress, you should expect a 15-year guarantee and free delivery. Moreover, you will also get a 200-night that gives you more than six months to try this mattress. If you are not happy with it, you can return it for free and ask for a full refund. Overall, this is a fairly priced premium mattress that is great for couples.

Best Value – Nectar Essential Hybrid

nectar essential hybrid mattress review

If your budget is limited and you look for a mattress designed for different-weight couples, you should definitely consider the Nectar Essential Hybrid mattress. This great option ticks all the boxes so you should expect a mattress that has a medium-firm feel and can distribute weight evenly. Moreover, it features tall (15cm) pocket springs that allow airflow and can provide your body with tailored support. Finally, the Essential Hybrid mattress features 2 layers of premium foam that have excellent pressure-relieving properties. The combination works great and this is a versatile mattress. It’s available in 6 sizes and a double mattress won’t cost you more than £500!

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Another reason to buy this mattress is the fact it comes with a 365-night trial period so you have a full year to try it out. Returns are free and if you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask for your money back. Furthermore, this mattress comes with free named-day delivery and a forever warranty. This is a superb package here, arguably the best in the UK. Overall, the Nectar Essential Hybrid mattress is a value-for-money option that will suit every couple.

Best Orthopaedic – REM-Fit 500

rem fit 500 ortho mattress review

If you have a partner and you suffer from a bad back, the REM-Fit 500 should be on your list. This is an orthopaedic mattress that is designed to alleviate back pain but it’s also a fantastic option for couples. It features 15cm pocket springs that are designed to optimize weight distribution so you and your partner can sleep comfortably. Additionally, REM-Fit is a brand known for its cooling technology so this mattress doesn’t sleep hot. On the sides, they have added edge-to-edge support walls so you should expect fantastic edge support. The REM-Fit 500 is available in 10 sizes and it comes with a firmer feel.

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All REM-Fit mattresses come with a 15-year warranty so you will be covered for a really long time. Moreover, this mattress comes with free next-day delivery and a 100-night trial period. This is not a bad deal and if you look for a fairly priced orthopaedic mattress, this is the way to go.

It’s time now to complete this guide and hopefully, you have found the best mattresses for different weight couples. Having said that, if you still feel you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will come back to you the soonest as we can.