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5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

One of the most common problems that people have during sleep is a sore neck. For this reason, the team at BMUK created a list of the best pillows for neck pain that you can buy right now. Below you will find a number of options that will suit every need and hopefully every budget. After spending several hours doing our research, we have managed to compile the below list.

What type of pillow is best for neck pain?

If you suffer from neck pain, you should probably change your pillow. The first thing you need to do is find a pillow with the right loft (height). That of course depends on your preferred sleeping position so for example, stomach sleepers should opt for a pillow with a lower loft. The goal here is to maintain a neutral spine alignment which will take pressure off your neck.

Besides the loft, you should probably get a pillow that is made of memory foam or latex. These two materials have excellent pressure-relieving properties but at the same time, they can provide your neck with the needed support. Finally, the shape of the pillow can be a factor but we will discuss this later when we have two options that come with a special design.

Best Overall – Simba Hybrid

simba hybrid pillow
Simba Hybrid Pillow

The Simba Hybrid pillow is the first pick on this list and there are many reasons for that. Firstly, this is an adjustable pillow and that means that you can change its loft according to your sleeping position and body type. This will allow your neck to have a neutral position and that can help alleviate the pain. Secondly, the Simba Hybrid features memory foam nanocubes that have excellent pressure-relieving properties. This can help your neck rest better which in turn can reduce pain. Finally, this pillow has one of the best cooling systems we have seen so you won’t sleep hot, even during the summer months. It’s not a coincidence after all that this pillow has won the ‘Best Pillow Overall’ award for 2022.

Every Simba pillow comes with free delivery which is 100% carbon neutral. Moreover, this pillow is manufactured with 100% energy from certified renewable sources. This is a great initiative by Simba and hopefully, this will be an example for other makers. Overall, this is a high-quality pillow that is built with the latest technology and as a result, it can be an excellent option for those who suffer from neck pain.

Best Specialty – Groove

groove pillow review
Groove Original Pillow

If you have never heard of the name Groove, we are here to inform you that this pillow was formerly known as “EasySleeper”. Does this sound familiar? Even if it doesn’t, this is a pillow that is worth your attention. The main reason is that this was built to help with neck pain. It features a design that might look strange but it’s specifically designed to improve posture when you sleep in the back and side position. The Groove pillow is made of a single piece of memory foam so it can provide your neck with the needed pressure relief. Furthermore, the engineers at Groove have infused the memory foam with bamboo charcoal which makes it hypoallergenic but also allows it to sleep cool.

If you decide to buy one, you will get a 100-night trial period that allows you to try it before you decide whether you want to keep it or not. Additionally, Groove offers free delivery for all orders over £50 so this pillow comes with a decent package here. Overall, this is an affordable option that can reduce your neck pain so we think you should give this a try.

Best Value – Panda

panda life pillow
Panda Pillow

One of the brands that we love is Panda and there is a good reason for that. This maker builds fantastic products that present great value for money. And that is hard to ignore. The Panda pillow was the one that introduced them to the British market and since then it has become a true best-seller. It comes with a 12cm loft which allows it to work well in every sleeping position. Moreover, the pillow is built from a single piece of memory foam so you should expect good support and pressure relief. Finally, the Panda pillow is naturally hypoallergenic and sleeps cool. For all the above reasons, this is a great option and it’s suitable for those who suffer from a bad neck.

However, it wouldn’t be on this list unless it was paired with excellent service and support. If you buy one, you will get a 30-night trial period that gives you a full month to try it. Moreover, you will get free delivery and a 10-year warranty. This is a superb package and a great reason to buy this pillow.

Best Memory Foam – REM-Fit 500

rem fit 500 pillow
REM-Fit 500 Cooling Pillow

Another great option on this list is the REM-Fit 500 pillow. This is another bestseller from REM-Fit that can help you reduce neck pain. It’s built from a single piece of memory foam which has the ability to support but also to take the pressure off your neck. The REM-Fit 500 comes with a 12cm loft that makes it suitable for most positions. The core is infused with cooling gel which means that this pillow sleeps cool. Around it, there is a Re-ax cover that can wick sweat away from the body while you sleep. The whole construction is great and this pillow can be a good option for those suffering from neck pain.

REM-Fit is a brand that is famous for its great service and there is a good reason for that. If you buy this pillow, you will get free next-day delivery. Furthermore, all REM-Fit pillows come with a 5-year warranty which is something that not many makers offer. Overall, this is a well-balanced pillow that is paired with great service and support.

Best Latex – Snoozel Green

snoozel green pillow review
Snoozel Green Pillow

The last option on this list is an interesting one. The Snoozel Green pillow is available in two shapes; contour and elliptical. If you suffer from neck pain, you should choose the latter one and you will get a pillow that looks like the one above. This option is built from a single piece of organic latex and comes with an ergonomic design which promotes a neutral spinal alignment. As we have mentioned above, latex is a fantastic material for such conditions but it’s also naturally hypoallergenic and free from toxic substances. However, if you choose the elliptical shape, you should know that it will only suit back and side sleepers.

The Snoozel Green pillow comes with free delivery which is relatively fast. Overall, this is a natural option that can help you alleviate neck pain. Add a reasonable price and you have a winner here.

It’s time now to complete this guide with the best pillows for neck pain and hopefully, you found this piece helpful. However, if you feel that you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.