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Best Pillow UK Awards 2024

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Welcome to our Best Pillow UK awards for 2024! After seeing great success with our Mattress Awards, we decided it was about time to help you find your next pillow. After all, a good mattress is not enough for good sleep. To rest well you need a pillow that suits your sleeping style and can provide your neck and head with support and pressure relief. After trying a number of options available in the UK market, we have gathered for you in this post our top picks for 2024.

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simba hybrid pillow

The Simba Hybrid is the “Best Pillow Overall” winner for 2024. This high-tech option is made with space technology and this separates it from the competition. This adjustable pillow is filled with memory foam nanocubes that allow you to create a custom pillow that matches perfectly your sleeping style. All you have to do is remove as many nanocubes as you want to create the pillow of your dreams. It’s built to sleep cool and it does that by using phase change technology (STRATOS®) which can regulate the body’s heat very efficiently. In addition, the side mesh panel allows airflow and this pillow will remain cool even during hot summer days. The Simba Hybrid is great for all sleeping positions and it’s one of the most complete propositions in the UK market. Simba did an amazing job here and this pillow is the clear winner for 2024.

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otty deluxe pure pillow

OTTY has won the “Best Memory Foam Pillow” award for 2024. After seeing great success with their Hybrid mattress, OTTY created another best-seller using the same recipe. The OTTY Pure pillow is made of 2 foam layers and is designed to provide you with the needed pressure relief. If you wake up with a sore neck, this pillow can be the answer. However, innovation doesn’t stop here. The people at OTTY used Charcoal Infused foam that will keep the sleeping surface cool during the night. The cover is soft but strong at the same time and if you want to clean it you can machine wash it. However, this pillow wouldn’t win this award if it didn’t come with great service. When you buy one, you will get a 1-year guarantee and free delivery. This is not a bad deal, especially if you think that all that costs only £69! OTTY did a fantastic job here and this is the best memory foam pillow in the UK market.

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emma pillow

Emma is the “Best Adjustable Pillow” winner for 2024. After developing the Emma Original mattress, they decided they wanted to pair it with a great pillow. This is how they decided to create a modular pillow that allows sleepers to customise it according to their needs. What is great about it is the fact that you can adjust both the feel and the height so you can have a personalised sleeping experience. Emma used 3 foam inserts that have different properties and by combining them you can create the pillow of your dreams. It’s designed for all seasons and the foams used here are very breathable. In addition, the pillow comes with a fantastic removable cover that feels soft and it sleeps cool. It’s built here in the UK and it comes with excellent service and support. If you buy one, you will get a 200-night trial period and free delivery! This is amazing, especially for a pillow. If you are looking for a customisable sleeping experience, look no further!

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rem-fit 500 pillow

The REM-Fit 500 won the “Best Cooling Pillow” award for 2024. This is another memory foam option but it’s designed for hot sleepers. REM-Fit infused the memory foam core with cool gel which has the ability to regulate heat very efficiently. On top, they added a gel pad directly under the sleeping surface that in combination with the core creates a pillow that sleeps cool all year long. Besides that, the REM-Fit 500 has excellent pressure-relieving properties and it’s very supportive. It measures 12cm in height which makes it ideal for all sleeping positions. Finally, it comes with free delivery and a 5-year guarantee. All the above make it an excellent choice and this pillow should be high on your list.

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panda life pillow

Panda has won the “Best Eco-Friendly Pillow” award for 2024. Of all the bedding companies in the UK, Panda is definitely our favourite one. They have created a range of excellent products that are both sustainable and affordable. And that is quite hard to do! The core of the Panda pillow is made of memory foam with the outer cover made of bamboo. For those who don’t know much about it, bamboo has a number of properties. Firstly it’s naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Secondly, it’s very soft and quite breathable. But the main reason they used it here is that it’s eco-friendly and it needs way less water compared to cotton. The panda pillow has a 12cm height which makes it ideal for all sleeping positions. It comes with a 30-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee! And all that will cost you only £44.95! This is fantastic value for money and the Panda pillow should be high on your list.

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una pillow review

Una won the “Best Latex Pillow” award for 2024. This unique option is made with organic materials to create an adjustable pillow that will suit all types of sleepers. It comes with a modular design so you can use the 2 foam inserts according to your needs. The Una pillow is supportive and benefits greatly from the pressure-relieving properties of natural latex. The combination works well and if you follow the “organic’ way of life, this pillow is the one to get. However, it wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t come with excellent service and support. When you buy a Una pillow, you will get a 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee. Finally, this pillow is available in 3 different size options so there is plenty for you to choose from. Overall, Una did a great job here and this is an excellent pillow.

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