Best Mattress UK Awards 2020

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Finding the best mattress can be a very difficult task. The market is flooded with options, ads are everywhere and every sleeper has different needs. This is how we felt a few years back and this is the reason we started this site. After reviewing a serious number of mattresses, we think the time has come to create our very own awards (Oscars for mattresses) to help you choose the mattress that will give you the sleep of your dreams. Without further ado, welcome to the BMUK Mattress Awards 2020!


emma original mattress award 2020

The Emma Original is the ‘Best Mattress Overall’ Winner for 2020. In simple terms, we think that this mattress is the Gold Standard for boxed mattresses. Made with amazing materials (Airgocell®, viscoelastic memory foam and supportive cold foam) it’s a mattress that is designed for combo sleepers so it will suit every sleeping style. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Emma Original manages to sleep cool even during the hot summer days. It’s one of the few mattresses that manages to provide your body with plenty of support but also pressure relief that is much needed for our joints and spine.

emma mattress voucher code
Emma Original Mattress
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma Show Less

However, it wouldn’t win this award if all these didn’t come at a fair price. And the Emma Original is indeed a value for money option. Available in 5 sizes you will definitely find the one that suits your needs. Delivery is free for all sizes and the mattress will come directly to your door, packed in a carton box. Moreover, the mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee which will have you covered for a long time! Finally, you will also get a 100-night trial period which gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to keep this or not. If you are not happy with it, you can return it for free and get a full refund. Emma does its fair share of giving back to the community by donating all returned mattresses to Debra and the British Red Cross. All these shows why the Emma Original is the 2020 winner in this category.

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The Emma Hybrid is the ‘Best Hybrid Mattress’ Winner for 2020. Designed by German engineers, this amazing mattress combines memory foam with pocket springs to create a great all-rounder. The Emma Hybrid features mini pocket springs which offer improved body support and aid in air circulation. They also add bounce, something that foam-only mattresses lack. The use of Airgocell® foam means that you will get the needed pressure relief but at the same time, the sleeping surface will remain cool during the night. Overall, it’s a very well-made hybrid mattress that will suit all types of sleepers.

emma mattress voucher code
Emma Hybrid Mattress
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma Show Less

But why we named this mattress the Best Hybrid for 2020? The answer is quite simple. The Emma Hybrid is a complete package that comes at a fair price and this is something we value a lot here at BMUK. Emma offers a Free Delivery service for all sizes and this mattress is delivered directly to your door. On top, you will also get a 100-night trial period which gives you almost 3 months to try this mattress and decide later if you want to keep it or not. This is great as it allows you to buy a mattress online with less risk. Add a 10-year guarantee and we have a winner here.

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The Brook and Wilde Elite is the ‘Best Premium Mattress’ Winner for 2020. Boxed mattresses were created to save cost but not all makers take the same approach. Brook and Wilde decided to make affordable premium mattresses and they managed to win this award with their Elite mattress. This is a hybrid option that is 28cm in height, so you will feel that you sleep in a 5-star hotel! It features a total of 6 layers and every mattress contains 3,500 mini springs. The added memory foam layers mean you will get the best of both worlds and the Brook and Wilde mattress is supportive and comfortable.

£75 OFF
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Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress
£75 off the Elite mattress when you spend £649 at Brook + Wilde
£75 off the Elite mattress when you spend £649 at Brook + Wilde Show Less

However, we didn’t choose this winner for all the above. Premium products come with a premium experience and Brook and Wilde nailed it. For starters, they offer a Free 2-man Delivery service which is amazing especially for a heavy mattress like this one. The box will be delivered to the room of your choice. In addition, they offer an affordable old mattress removal service (£25) so you can get rid of your old one with ease. Add a 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee and it’s easy to understand that this is a complete package. And all these don’t cost too much, it’s still an affordable option. The Brook and Wilde Elite mattress is impressive and it’s the clear winner in this category!

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nectar mattress award

The Nectar mattress is the ‘Best for Couples’ Winner for 2020. One of the most common questions I get is ‘What is the best mattress for couples?’. My most common answer is ‘Nectar’. This is a mattress that could potentially win in every category and that is not an exaggeration. The 3-layer design works very well and the mattress will provide your body with the needed pressure relief. It’s very supportive and comfortable at the same time. But the reason it’s the winner in this category is the fact that it has minimal motion transfer. This translates to the absence of partner disturbance which is a common problem for most couples. The edge support is great for a foam mattress and this makes it ideal for those who share their beds.

£250 OFF
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Nectar Mattress
£250 off mattresses + 2 free pillows at Nectar
£250 off mattresses + 2 free pillows at Nectar Show Less

However, the Nectar mattress is more than a couple’s mattress. It’s a great all-rounder that will suit every type of sleeper. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 365-night trial period. Are you still not impressed? Well, you will also get 2 free memory foam pillows for you and your partner! And of course, all these come for free directly to your door! The Nectar mattress is an amazing option that is fairly priced. You really can’t go wrong with it!

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emma original award

The Emma Original mattress is the ‘Best for Back Pain’ Winner for 2020. This is the second award for this amazing mattress and we must admit that this was a close one. However, Emma managed to build a mattress that contours to your body and provides extra support where it’s most needed. The foam layers work very well and they manage to distribute all pressure evenly across the entire mattress. Another key here is the Supportive HRX foam which has zone cuts to help with demanding areas like your hips and shoulders. All these make this mattress ideal for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

emma mattress voucher code
Emma Original Mattress
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma
Free delivery with all mattresses at Emma Show Less

The Emma Original is a very complete package so even if you are not a sufferer, you should definitely consider it. In summary, it comes with Free Delivery, a 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee. It’s an affordable option from a maker you can trust. It’s a complete package and it’s not a coincidence that it has won an award in 2 categories, including ‘Best for Back Pain.’

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We have now finished with the BMUK Mattress Awards for 2020. We hope you enjoyed it and hopefully, we have helped you in your quest for the perfect sleep. If you have any questions for the above mattresses feel free to contact us via the page here.