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7 Best V-Shaped Pillows UK

If you look for the best V-shaped pillow, you are in the right place. This sleeping accessory is gaining a lot of traction as it’s quite versatile and it can cover a number of needs. Some readers asked us for advice so we decided to do our research and below, we have gathered for you a number of options.

What are V-shaped pillows for?

V-shaped pillows can be used in many ways but there are 3 main ones. Firstly, V-shaped pillows can prevent you from rolling over which can be a problem for your partner. Many couples use them to improve the quality of their sleep. Secondly, they are great for reading. If you like to read before you fall asleep, a V-shaped pillow can be your best friend. You can also use them on your sofa or anywhere else you like to rest. Lastly, this type of pillow is great for elevation. It can be extremely helpful for people who suffer from chronic breathing problems or for those who have a cough or cold. These are the 3 main reasons people use V pillows and if you think that they can be helpful to you, you should definitely get one as they are quite affordable.

Dorma Full Forever V-shaped Firm Pillow

dorma v shaped pillow

Dorma is a popular pillow maker and the Full Forever V-shaped Firm-Support pillow is one of their bestsellers. It features a cover that is made of 100% cotton and a filling that is made of 100% polyester hollowfibre. They use GRS-approved fibres to make it so this is an eco-friendly option.

The pillow measures 33cm x 84cm (13″ x 33″) and it comes with a firmer feel. It’s designed for those who prefer to sleep on their side but it will suit all types of sleepers. If you want to clean it, you can use your washing machine but remember to choose a gentle cycle. The pillow is hypoallergenic so if you are a sufferer, this can be a good option. If we look at the reviews, customers have given this V pillow a solid 4.6 score which says a lot about its quality. If you look for an affordable V-shaped pillow with a firmer feel, this one is a great choice.

CnA Stores V-shaped Pillow

CnA Stores V-Shaped Pillow

If you are looking for a V shaped pillow on Amazon, the chances are you will come across the CnA Stores orthopaedic V-shaped pillow. It has a 4.7 score and almost 5,000 reviews! This is very impressive and it’s probably one of Amazon’s best-sellers when it comes to pillows. Unlike other V pillows, this one is available in multiple colourways including white, black, blue, pink, cream, red and grey. This is definitely something that separates this one from the competition and it’s always better to have more options.

The cover of the pillow is made of 100% cotton and it comes with a non-allergenic synthetic filling. It measures 84cm x 34cm (34″ x 14″) and it’s designed mostly for back sleepers but also pregnant women. This orthopaedic pillow is also good for those who suffer from a bad back. Another reason to buy this is its ability to regulate heat very efficiently. It’s made with breathable materials and it will sleep cool even during the summer. If you look for a cheap high-quality V-shaped pillow, this is one to consider.

Silentnight V shape Support Pillow

Silentnight V Shape Support Pillow

Silentnight is one of the biggest mattress makers in the UK and they have a big pillow range. Their V-shaped one is a popular option for sleepers who look for pressure-relieving support while working from their bed or reading before bedtime. It’s also a big hit with mums for nursing their little ones. This pillow comes with a cotton cover and it’s machine washable at 40 degrees. It’s made with a hollowfibre filling that has a cosy and soft feel but at the same time, it’s very supportive.

The Silentnight V Shape pillow is not made with materials that can cause allergies so it can be a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Based on the reviews online, purchasers are very happy with this pillow and they praise it for the support it offers and its ability to maintain its shape. Overall, this is one of the best V-shaped pillows from a name you can trust.

Bedding Direct UK V-shaped Pillow

Bedding Direct UK V-Shaped Pillow

The Bedding Direct UK V-shaped pillow is one of the most affordable options that are sold on Amazon. This orthopaedic pillow is designed mainly for those who like being upright in bed. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are recovering from an injury and have just been out of the hospital. However, it’s not limited to them, it can also be used for reading, TV or nursing a baby. I have to mention here that this pillow comes without a cushion cover so you should be aware of it.

The cover is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. That means that this pillow is machine washable so it’s quite easy to maintain. If your skin is sensitive, you can get this V pillow as it doesn’t contain any fabric that can irritate you. It measures 66cm by 33cm so it’s smaller than the other pillows on this list. It has a 4.6 score on Amazon with almost 1,000 reviews and that says a lot about its quality. Reviewers mention that it has a soft and bouncy filling that can retain its shape. Others praise its support and durability. Of course, one of the best things about it is the low price which comes at around £15. Bedding Direct did a great job here and this seems like a great choice for everyone.

Bedway Luxury Bamboo V Shape Pillow

BEDWAY Luxury Bamboo V Shape Pillow

If you look for a luxury V-shaped pillow, this is one of the best options out there. It’s not a coincidence after all that it’s labelled as ‘Amazon’s choice’. It’s probably the most expensive option on this list but there is a good reason for that. The cover is made of bamboo which is a material that has great properties. Firstly, it’s very breathable so this pillow will stay cool during use. Secondly, it’s naturally antibacterial and has the ability to repel odours. Finally, it’s skin-friendly and can be used by pregnant women. The Bedway V pillow has a memory foam core that has pressure relieving properties and it’s more supportive when compared to synthetic filling.

The pillow measures 76cm x 47cm x 27cm and it’s ideal for reading a book or watching TV. It’s also a great choice for pregnant women or young mums to nurse their babies. It has multiple 5-star reviews on Amazon and most purchasers feel very happy about it. If you look for a V-shaped pillow that will help you ease your back pain, this one is definitely one to consider.

V Shape Firm Support Pillow

The majority of the V-shaped pillows that are available in the market come with a medium or softer feel. However, many people would prefer a firmer option and the people at Snuggledown took notice. They created a firm V pillow that is very supportive and it’s ideal for those who like to place it on their back. Snuggledown is a company with a Norwegian heritage but they build their pillows here in the UK.

The cover of this pillow is made of 100% cotton and the filling is made of polyester. It measures 48cm x 74cm and it comes with a pillowcase included in the packaging. If you want to clean it, you can use your washing machine so it’s quite easy to maintain. The Snuggledown V-pillow is available from Wayfair and it is fairly priced but it’s not the cheapest option on this list. Overall, it’s a high-quality pillow and it offers great support with a firmer feel.

Mother & Baby Body Pillow

Mother & Baby created this V-shaped pillow for all pregnant women that are looking for a way to support their growing bump. It will help all future mothers get better sleep and relax. Later, when the baby arrives, the pillow can create a safe and comfortable place for the baby while it feeds. In the package, you will find a second knee pillow that is very helpful for side sleepers. This makes it one of the most comfortable packages out there.

Both supports feature covers that are made of 100% organic cotton. This is great and it shows that they design maternity products using high-quality materials. The filling is made of 100% polyester and the pillow measures 59cm x 70cm. It comes with a medium feel so it will provide your body with the needed comfort. The Mother & Baby V-shaped pillow is available from Wayfair and it’s one of the best options for pregnant women and new mothers.

After doing a lot of research, we are happy to have gathered for you these 7 best v-shaped pillow options that are currently available in the UK market. If your traditional pillow cannot give you the support you need, you should definitely try to get a v pillow.