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Buying a mattress can be a really difficult task sometimes so I thought that I should write a post and talk about the basic things you should look for when you buy your next mattress. There are three main categories that you should consider: Memory Foam, Pocket Sprung and Hybrid featuring both technologies. There are more options out there but the average person should be happy with one of these three categories.


Memory Foam mattresses are composed of billions viscoelastic cells, which have the ability to respond to your weight and temperature. This makes Memory Foam mattresses quite different to the other mattress types. The mattress moulds around your body and is great for pressure relief and joint rest. The downside is that it can make you feel warm sometimes as it’s get too ‘close’ to your body. It’s ideal for people that have joint issues but like marmite, you’ll either love your memory foam mattress or hate it!


Pocket Sprung mattresses contain up to 3000 springs that are housed in individual fabric pockets. Most of them are hand stitched to ensure strong sides that are important for the support they offer. They come in different ‘Firmness Levels’ so you can choose to for soft, medium or firm. Their structure offers good body support regardless of your weight. This is really good for couples as it can be good for both partners. Their structure, makes them quite heavy most of times so it can be a task to turn them but this might be the only problem you will face with a pocket sprung mattress.


Hybrid mattresses feature both elements, a pocket-sprung base and a memory-foam upper layer. There is no need to turn these mattresses as the memory foam layer should always be your sleeping surface. As you imagine, you get partially the benefits from both technologies so expect the support of a memory foam mattress with the responsiveness of a pocket sprung mattress. It’s all a fine balance so you should find the right combination for your needs. Hybrid mattresses are very popular recently as it’s an approach taken by a number of makers.

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