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The reason this blog was created was to help you choose the mattress or sleep products that suit your needs and budget. We do our best to research the market frequently and update our mattress reviews to ensure our recommendations are always as correct and helpful to you the reader as possible.

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To keep Best Mattress UK up and running we have developed a number of relationships with the online mattress makers. As you know, all of our content is created for you for free, we also don’t display any ads. We believe this does not agree with our mission so we decided to keep this blog ad-free.

In order for us to continue doing our work, Best Mattress UK uses affiliate links. These are referral links that don’t cost you anything but by using one of these links helps mattress brands know that you were referred by Best Mattress UK and we then may earn a commission from the potential completed sale.

We really thank you for all the support you have given to us all these years and we hope we have helped you choose the right mattress for your needs.

About the reviews

We would like to mention at this point that we are not experts and any recommendation we provide is entirely own opinion. If you suffer from a health condition, we advise you to talk to a doctor or specialist.

All images used are taken from our partners and publicly shared information sites. If we are not permitted to use these images or would like us to change them please contact us.