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sleepsoul mattress reviews

SleepSoul Mattress Reviews

In this SleepSoul mattress reviews guide, we will talk about the 9 options this maker offers. Created by Birlea, the SleepSoul range includes a number of boxed mattresses that are designed to offer to customers great value for money. For those who don’t know much about them, Birlea is a family-run business that has been building mattresses for more than 20 years. They are based in the heart of the Midlands and all their mattresses are built here in the UK. If you look for an affordable high-quality mattress, SleepSoul should be high on your list.

Why should I choose a SleepSoul mattress?

You should choose to buy a SleepSoul mattress if you look for a British mattress that won’t cost you a fortune. SleepSoul mattresses are well-known to be supportive and comfortable so if you choose the right option for your needs, you will enjoy many nights of good sleep. Finally, all mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee which shows the quality of these products.

SleepSoul Mattresses

We have already mentioned that the SleepSoul mattresses are quite affordable so you will spend anything between £190-£700 depending on the model and size you will be getting. They can be found in a number of retailers but if you are looking to buy one, we suggest the below two ones, as they offer good service and they run promotions very frequently.

Heaven Mattress

sleepsoul heaven mattress

The SleepSoul Heaven mattress is one of their latest models. It’s a hybrid design that comes with a medium feel. It features a pillow top layer which offers increased comfort and adds a luxurious character to this mattress. Underneath that, there is a 2cm memory foam layer that is there to provide your body with the needed pressure relief. Finally, at the bottom, there is a 1,000 springs layer that is there to support your body. This mattress is available in 4 sizes and it’s designed for those who look for increased comfort.

Bliss Mattress

sleepsoul bliss mattress

This is probably their most popular model and there is a good reason for that. The Bliss mattress features a hybrid design and it comes with a medium feel. It’s made to be extra comfortable and cushioning so they used 3 foam layers along with a pillow top cover. At the bottom of the mattress, there are 800 pocket springs that will support your body. It’s available in 5 sizes and it’s one of the best value for money mattresses in the UK. If you want to find out more about it, you should read our detailed review.

Paradise Mattress

sleepsoul paradise mattress

This is one of the most affordable SleepSoul mattresses and it’s designed for those who like a medium-firm feel. It features a hybrid design which makes it ideal for combo sleepers. The upper cool gel foam layer ensures that the mattress will stay cool even during the summer so if you face this problem, this can be a good option for you. At the bottom, you will find 600 pocket springs that are there to support your body. The mattress has some bounce and decent edge support. It’s available in 4 sizes and it’s a good option for those who look for an affordable cooling mattress.

Cloud Mattress

sleepsoul cloud mattress

Another interesting option from SleepSoul, the Cloud mattress. This medium-firm mattress is designed for those who look for balanced performance and it manages exactly that. The foam layers will provide your body with the needed pressure relief while the 800 pocket springs will support your body. The upper pillow top layer will add comfort and this mattress will suit people who seek affordable luxury. It measures 31cm in height and it’s available in 5 sizes. Overall, this is a good all-rounder and will suit most sleepers.

Dream Mattress

sleepsoul dream mattress

This is another interesting option from SleepSoul and one that got our attention. The main reason for this is the existence of 2,500 pocket springs which is a rare thing for mattresses of this budget. In addition, a euro top is placed above them that helps to spread weight evenly. This creates a supportive and comfortable environment. The Dream mattress comes with a medium-firm feel and a 10-year guarantee. Just like all the other SleepSoul mattresses, this is also a boxed one so it will be delivered directly to your door inside a carton box. Overall, this is a mattress that will suit those who look for support but also couples.

Space Mattress

sleepsoul space mattress

Other than the Bliss mattress, the Space one is the option that really impressed us. It features a mini pocket-spring layer (1200) and a pocket spring layer (800). The combined 2,000 springs work well and you will get plenty of support. Above the springs, there is a memory foam layer that helps with pressure relief. Finally, a soft foam layer and a pillow top layer will add comfort. It’s 33cm deep and it’s similar to the mattresses found in luxury hotels. All that comes at an affordable price and this mattress features great value for money. It’s available in 4 sizes and it comes with a medium-firm feel. Overall, it would be ideal for couples and for people who look for a supportive and comfortable mattress.

Balance Mattress

sleepsoul balance mattress

This mattress is one of their first boxed mattresses and a very successful model. It features a straightforward construction featuring 3 layers. At the bottom, 800 pocket springs will support your back and hips while a memory foam layer will help with pressure relief. To add some more comfort, they placed a pillow top layer which works well. As its name suggests, you should expect a balanced performance and the mattress comes with a medium-firm feel. It’s available in 4 sizes and it comes with a 10-year guarantee. If you don’t want to break the bank, this is a well-made mattress that will serve you well.

Air Mattress

sleepsoul air mattress

If you look for a proper cheap mattress, this one can be a good choice. It starts at only £190 and it features a 3-layer construction. Unlike the rest of their range, this one features open coils. On top, there is a memory foam layer and a pillow top. The mattress comes with a medium-soft feel and it’s available in 3 sizes. We think that this is ideal for students or as a secondary mattress for a guest room.

Comfort Mattress

sleepsoul comfort mattress

This mattress is very similar to the Balance one that we discussed earlier. The main difference is that instead of a memory foam layer, it features a comfort foam layer. This makes it a bit softer compared to the SleepSoul Balance so this mattress comes with a medium feel. It’s available in 4 sizes and it’s single-sided so there is no need to rotate this. Overall, it’s an affordable option for those who look for a comfortable slumber.

Should I buy a SleepSoul mattress?

This is always a tricky question to answer now that we are almost done with this SleepSoul mattress reviews. Birlea has built a very interesting brand here and most of these mattresses are great value-for-money options. Having said that, we think that the Bliss and the Space mattresses are two excellent choices and they are the most complete options. Of course, this is down to your needs but overall, it’s a brand that has created high-quality mattresses that don’t cost a fortune.

SleepSoul Mattress Reviews
Great value for money
Noumerous choices
10-year guarantee
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