The Bruno Mattress has now come to the UK, after a big success in its mother country, Germany. It is another ‘mattress in a box’ proposition so I was really keen to try it out. I received my Bruno mattress few weeks ago and I will share with you in this review my thoughts about it. It is a latex mattress, the first one I review here, so it behaves and feel a bit different compared to the memory foam and hybrid mattresses I have reviewed in the past. So this review was definitely something different for me so let’s get to the details now.


Bruno is made of 2 layers and of course the mattress cover . The 2 layers are the following:

  • Top Layer: A 3cm latex foam layer which is designed by Bruno and provides the body with the needed support and comfort. The biggest advantage though is that the latex layer, unlike common memory foams, it keeps the sleeping surface cool during sleep.
  • Bottom Layer: A 21cm polyurethane foam base layer which is essentially the base of the mattress and offers the needed stability. This layer features a 7-zone system that is designed to offer more support where it’s needed and less support where it is not needed. This is a very ‘smart’ system which really impressed me as it helps a lot with the correct spine alignment.

The total thickness of the mattress is 24cm which is the average these days really. The cover of the Bruno mattress is made of a polyester fleece blend which feels nice and looks very practical. It does the job, so don’t expect anything fancy but it definitely feels of good quality, something you would expect from a german product. The cover is removable which is always very important as I like to wash my covers frequently and keep my sleeping surface fresh and clean. The design follows the trend with the two-coloured covers and the grey colour looks nice but simple.


The Bruno mattress is the firmest mattress I have reviewed and I would say it feels like a medium-firm to firm mattress which makes it ideal for heavier people. Having said that, Bruno is also good for normal people, it’s just exceptional for those with a bigger weight. So as usual, if we put this to a firmness scale, with 10 being very firm, I would say that the Bruno mattress is around 7.3. I will now comment on the feeling I got trying the three main sleeping positions using the Bruno mattress. When lying on it on my back, I felt well supported by the mattress and the sinkage was not as deep as other mattresses. That means that you feel less this ‘hugging’ effect that you get from other memory foam mattresses. This is not bad, it is more a matter of choice I would say. On the other hand, you should expect a good bounce as a result of the firmer mattress which again is a matter of choice for everyone. I personally liked it a lot! Lying sideways, the Bruno mattress’ sinkage is more visible and felt and it helps maintain a good spine alignment regardless of your weight. The side position is when I felt the most the firmness of the Bruno mattress. Finally, turning to the stomach position I felt very well supported and it was probably the most comfortable of the positions. As you know, if you read my reviews, I am a stomach sleeper so Bruno made a really good impression on me! The 7-zone support system was designed to offer great edge support, so I wanted to try this feature. When lying on the edge of the mattress, I felt almost the same support that I experienced when I was lying in the centre which was quite impressive! Overall, I felt that the Bruno mattress did a very good job offering both support and comfort with a nice firmer feeling.


The Bruno mattress is designed to work with any bed frame or you can even put it directly to your floor. If you use a slatted base, the manufacturer recommends that the gaps do not exceed 7cm. The mattress is offered in many different sizes, including EU sizes, so don’t worry if you have an IKEA bed frame, you can still use it!


The Bruno mattress is delivered in a white carton box with the size of it being different according to the size of the mattress. So the bigger size you order the bigger box you will receive. They offer a Free Delivery service for all working days so if you want a Saturday delivery you will be asked to pay an extra £35. The overall service was great, the courier helped me place the box to my room and everything was very smooth. Expect your mattress to arrive within 1-3 days after you place your order.


The Bruno mattress comes with a great guarantee which is 10 years! That says a lot about the confidence that the manufacturer has for their products. Bruno also comes with a 101 night trial period which is one night more than the average! I guess they wanted to get the edge there. If you are not happy with your mattress then you have 101 days to return it. Returns are free and they are completely covered by Bruno, so they will pick it up and refund you the full amount.


EU Single£425
EU Double£575
EU King£725
Super King£775


We are at the end of another review and as you expect I will put down my thoughts on the Bruno mattress. This is my personal opinion of course but having tried out few mattresses now I have a good overall knowledge of what is available out there. So Bruno is a great choice for everyone who is looking for:

  • A latex mattress which feels firmer than the average mattress and is amazing for someone with a heavier weight.
  • A mattress that has one of the best cooling systems that I have seen and manages to maintain a low temperature even during the hottest nights.
  • A mattress made and designed in Germany that comes with a great service and support.

If you are looking for a latex mattress, then Bruno should be definitely be your no1 choice. It comes at a fair price and you will be getting a mattress with the latest technology which is made of high quality materials. It’s a nice new entry to the UK market and I think it is a great choice overall.

Best cooling system due to the latex foam
Great edge support
Ideal for heavier people
Sleeping surface is good but simple