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how to sleep in hot weather

How to sleep in Hot Weather

Summer is here and the hot weather doesn’t bring only joy. Every year I have difficulty sleeping during hot nights and I believe I am not the only one facing this problem. In this post, I will share with you my tips to achieve better summer sleep.

Keep your place cool

This is probably the most important thing you have to do. And the work needs to be done during the day. In most Mediterranean countries they have mastered the art of keeping the house cool during the day. Firstly, make sure you understand how the sun moves. There is always a side of the house that is shady. This is the side where you need to leave all the windows open. On the contrary, you should close the curtains on the sunny side. Repeat this process every 2-3 hours and you will get the best of your house during summer. During the night, leave as many windows open as you can to enjoy a nice breeze. It’s difficult to do this during the weekdays (most of us are working) but during the weekend this can be life-saving.

Get the right equipment

Following the above tip can be easier if you leave in the countryside. Unfortunately, in big cities like London, it can be really hard to keep the windows open all day. There are security reasons for that but also noise reasons. I personally hate the city noise!

The first thing you need to buy is an electric fan. I personally own three, one for each room of the house. If you are really heating intolerant then maybe an A/C would be better for you. There are some portable ones that would do the job here in the UK.

The next thing you should definitely get is some quality cotton sheets. I have reviewed the Hyde & Sleep ones that are excellent value for money! Make sure you get pure cotton ones that allow airflow and absorb sweat. This will definitely help you a lot during the warmest nights.

If you live in the countryside, especially next to lakes or swamps, you might face an issue with insects. I suggest you buy a mosquito net or use insect repellents. The first choice is the healthier one as there are no chemicals involved.

Mind what you eat and drink

During the summer days, we all tend to consume more alcohol. It’s a kind of a ‘celebration’ for having another good day in Britain! Although this is great for our social life, it does not help with our sleep. Alcohol is pretty good at getting us to fall asleep but it’s pretty bad at keeping us asleep. And on a hot night, there will be many times that we might wake up. So make sure you don’t drink a lot of alcohol and keep a nice balance to make sure you get quality sleep.

Besides avoiding alcohol, it is a good idea to avoid big meals before sleep. Digestion can be more difficult during the hotter days so make sure you eat a light dinner and drink loads of water to help with the whole process.

Finally, if you think that a cold shower might help you, this is a bad idea. It’s because the pores of your skin will close so you will sweat less. And this will make you feel warmer.  Showers can help but make sure you go for a lukewarm one that will moderate your temperature in the right way.

The summer is here and I hope it stays for long enough. Follow the above tips and you might have a better summer sleep. If you have any questions or want more advice please drop me a line here.