I have received few emails from readers asking me to do some mattress comparisons between popular brands. It’s a really good point and I liked this idea too. So I decided to write a mattress review comparison which will look at Eve vs Simba. They are both very established in the market and they are both really budget friendly and high quality. It would be interesting though to explore what are their differences and which one is better for your needs.

I am sure you all wonder already how this head to head will play out! It’s time then to move to the detailed Eve vs Simba comparison.


Eve and Simba are quite different in the way they are constructed.

Eve is a memory foam mattress and is made of 3 layers. At the top there is a memory foam layer which is there to provide you with all the needed support and comfort. In the middle, there is a cooling foam layer that is responsible to keep the mattress cool during the night. Finally, at the bottom there is a supportive base layer that is the base of the Eve mattress.

Simba on the other hand is a hybrid mattress. This means that it combines the memory foam technology with pocket springs. The Simba mattress features a total of 4 layers. In the top there is a latex foam layer (Simbatex). This provides your body with comfort and support. In the middle there are the conical pocket springs that work individually and adjust to your body’s movements. Below the springs there is a memory foam layer which is there for pressure relief and comfort. Finally, at the bottom there is a supportive base layer that holds the mattress altogether.

Both mattresses use very high quality materials and if you consider the price tags you definitely get a great value with either Eve or Simba. This is the benefit of buying from companies that have cut the middle men and sell directly to their consumers.


Both mattresses use polyester to make the covers. So they are quite similar in feel and touch.

Eve features a polyester knitted cover that feels quite soft in the touch. It allows airflow and in general it’s a very breathable surface. The design of the Eve mattress cover is my favourite one. The top is white with the sides being yellow which is the signature Eve colour. The bottom of the cover features an anti-slip surface that is very practical.

Simba also use polyester to make their covers. The sleeping surface allows airflow which helps the mattress to stay cool during the night. The cover can stretch and feels nice and soft. The design is less funky and more practical featuring a white top and grey sides. Simba have also applied an anti-slip surface at the bottom which is great to see.

Both covers are really good and they feature a zip so you can remove them easily. You can machine wash them in low temperature so they are quite easy to maintain.


Both mattresses went with the medium to firm approach. Having said that, Eve is firmer than the Simba mattress and if we put both on the firmness scale, Eve would be a 6.5 and Simba would be a 6.

Eve is a mattress that provides the body with great support and comfort. The spine alignment was the right one in all sleeping positions. However, I felt that in the side position, sinkage was a bit high for someone like me. Other than that, I think Eve performed really well. The edge support is one the big advantages of the Eve mattress and it makes it ideal for couples.

Simba also provides the body with a lot of support and helps the spine align properly in every sleeping position. However, in the stomach position I felt that my hips were not as well supported but overall I didn’t face a big problem. Simba has a great edge support and it’s a very solid construction. That means that you will get the best of it in every corner of the mattress. Simba is also good for couples although I feel that Eve has the edge here.


In the table below you can find the comparison of the two mattresses summarised in a table.

BuyBuy EveBuy Simba
TypeMemory FoamHybrid (Memory Foam + Pocket Springs)
CoverPolyester Knitted CoverPolyester Cover
SupportVery GoodVery Good
ComfortVery GoodVery Good
Price Range£349 - £949£399 - £899
Guarantee10 Years10 Years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
DeliveryFree Standard - Delivered in up to 72 hoursFree Standard - Delivered in up to 72 hours
Returns & RefundsFree returns - Full refund if you are not happy with the mattressFree returns - Full refund if you are not happy with the mattress
Made inUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Offers£100 OFFNo
Our Grade9.2/109.1/10


Finishing this Eve vs Simba mattress comparison I would like to share my final thoughts with you. I really don’t think that one is better than the other one as I find both mattresses to be really good and excellent value for money. I think that it’s a matter of taste and needs really when it comes to choosing between the two. They are different in design so they do behave differently.

Eve is more suited to sleepers who:

  • Like their mattress to be slightly firmer than the average mattress. Eve is a 6.5/10 in the firmness scale.
  • They want a mattress with a great edge support.
  • They want a memory foam mattress that doesn’t have this bouncy feeling that pocket spring mattresses have.

For more information on the Eve mattress read our full review here. If you want to purchase the Eve mattress visit their page. Don’t forget to check our voucher code page for big savings.

Simba is great for sleepers who:

  • Prefer a mattress that is medium firm. Simba is a 6/10 in the firmness scale.
  • They like this bouncy feeling that hybrid mattresses have without sacrificing the pressure relief benefits of memory foam.
  • A mattress that is a very solid construction with good edge support.

You can read the full Simba mattress review for more information. If you want to purchase it then head over to the Simba site here.

I hope that you found this comparison useful. It’s hard to choose between to really good mattresses so I tried to highlight all the pros and cons so you can make up your mind. If you still have any questions about either Eve or Simba please contact me and I would be happy to assist you.