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otty vs simba mattress review

OTTY vs Simba Mattress Review

Choosing the right mattress can be a difficult choice. I get quite a few emails asking me for advice so I decided to give you more help. In this OTTY vs Simba mattress review, I will compare two popular hybrid options to help you decide which one is better for you. Are you curious to find out? Scroll down for more.

Materials Comparison

otty vs simba mattress materials

I have already mentioned above that both mattresses are hybrid which means that they combine memory foam with pocket springs. However, they have a different design so it would be useful to see what they are made of.


Inside the OTTY mattress, there are 5 layers.

  • A Temperature-Regulating Memory Foam layer which keeps the sleeping surface cool during sleep. It’s also good for added pressure relief.
  • A High-Density Support Foam layer which provides your body with the need comfort and support.
  • A 14cm Pocket Springs layer which helps with support but also minimizes motion transfer.
  • An HD Base Foam layer which as its name suggests, it’s the base of this mattress.
  • An Airflow Side Support layer which helps with added edge support.


The Simba mattress is made of 5 layers:

  • An open-cell Simbatex foam layer which is there to keep the sleeping surface cool during the night.
  • A responsive mIQro™ springs layer which helps with support. The cone-shaped springs also help with better weight distribution.
  • A reflex foam support layer which conforms areas of your body where is more needed.
  • A Zoned base layer which adds support but also works as the base of this mattress.
  • An edge to edge support layer which as its name suggest ensures that your mattress will perform well across the entire sleeping surface.

Verdict – Both mattresses are made of high-quality materials. They are well assembled and they use unique technology. However, I think that Simba has a better combination so I will give the small edge to it.

Cover Comparison

otty vs simba mattress cover

It’s time now to continue with the OTTY vs Simba comparison and compare their covers. Both companies followed similar philosophies here but let’s see in detail what they have used here.


The cover of the OTTY mattress is made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. This is a nice combination because it has two main advantages. Polyester is a very breathable material which makes this cover great, especially for the summer months. Spandex improves the fit of it so the cover will properly ‘hug’ the mattress. If you want to clean it you can machine wash it at 40 degrees.


The cover of the Simba mattress is made of 100% polyester. They chose this material because it’s strong but also very breathable. The fit is good and the cover feels soft. You can machine wash it at 40 degrees which makes it very easy to maintain.

Verdict – Both companies took the same approach here. Although polyester is a material that does the job, there are better materials out there (Tencel, bamboo). Having said that, both covers are well designed, easy to clean and have a good fit. I would say, this is a tie.

Firmness & Comfort Comparison

Most boxed mattresses are designed to suit the average sleeper so they usually have a medium-firm feel. Both OTTY and Simba fall into this category.

otty vs simba firmness


The OTTY mattress is a bit firmer compared to the average boxed mattress and this is one reason that it’s such a hit. I really like what they did here and you will get a combination of good comfort and support. The mattress also has excellent edge support so if you share your bed with a partner, this can be a great option for you.


The Simba mattress is the typical boxed mattress with a balanced medium-firm feel. It’s a good all-rounder and I think it’s a good choice for combo sleepers. The edge support is good and in general, the mattress offers adequate comfort and support.

Verdict – Both mattresses have a similar feel but OTTY is the firmer of the two. Simba is the one that feels more comfortable but OTTY has better edge support. So depending on your needs you should choose accordingly. It’s a tie.

OTTY VS Simba Mattress Comparison

The table below has useful information about the two mattresses. Find out what separates them in order to make a better choice.

COVER97% Polyester and 3% SpandexPolyester Cover
SUPPORTVery GoodVery Good
COMFORTVery GoodVery Good
PRICE RANGE£499-£949£609-£1,039
GUARANTEE10 Years10 Years
TRIAL PERIOD100 nights100 nights
DELIVERYFree Standard – Delivered in up to 72 hoursFree Standard – Delivered in up to 72 hours
RETURNS & REFUNDSFree returns – Full refund if you are not happy with the mattressFree returns – Full refund if you are not happy with the mattress
MADE INChinaUnited Kingdom
OUR GRADE9.1/109.2/10

Which one should I buy?

Both mattresses are great which make it very difficult to decide which one is better. In my opinion, it is down to what you need and what best suits you.

otty hybrid mattress review

Buy the OTTY mattress if you look for:

  • A mattress that is a great value for money.
  • A hybrid mattress that has a good combination of comfort and support.
  • A mattress that has excellent edge support.

simba hybrid mattress review

Buy the Simba mattress if you look for:

  • A hybrid mattress that is built in the UK with high-quality materials.
  • A mattress that would suit most combo sleepers.
  • A cooling mattress that doesn’t sleep hot.