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nectar vs simba mattress review

Nectar vs Simba Mattress Review

It’s always very difficult to choose the right mattress as there are so many options out there. When people contact me, they have usually narrowed it down to two options but they have difficulty making the last call. This is the main reason I created the comparison section, to help you all with your final choice. In this Nectar vs Simba mattress review, I will talk about these two popular choices and decide which is the better option.

Materials Comparison

nectar vs simba materials

The two mattresses follow a different design philosophy. Nectar has a foam-only construction and Simba is a hybrid mattress. Let’s see now and in detail what these mattresses are made of.


The Nectar mattress is made of a total of 3 layers. These are:

  • A Nectar Smart memory foam layer which is there to keep the sleeping surface cool during sleep. It also helps with support.
  • A memory foam layer which will provide your body with the needed pressure relief. This type of foam is quite breathable, unlike other traditional memory foams.
  • A dense foam layer which is the base of this mattress. This layer features a 7-zone system which helps with the more demanding areas like your hips and shoulders.


The Simba mattress features a total of 4 layers. In detail, these are:

  • An open-cell Simbatex foam layer which has the ability to keep the sleeping surface cool during sleep.
  • A responsive micro-springs layer which will provide your body with the needed support. The cone-shaped springs are designed to distribute weight more evenly.
  • A reflex foam support layer which helps the mattress to be more supportive.
  • A zoned base layer which keeps the mattress altogether and it’s the base of the Simba mattress.

Verdict – Both mattresses use high-quality materials and are assembled here in the UK. They follow different design approaches but they are both very well-made. I will call this a tie.

Cover Comparison

nectar vs simba cover comparison

Let’s continue now with this Nectar vs Simba mattress comparison and go ahead to compare their covers. The two companies follow different philosophies so let’s see what they offer here.


The cover of the Nectar mattress is made of a material that is called ‘Nectar Adaptive Cooling’ which is very breathable and it’s great for absorbing moisture. This type of fabric allows the body to regulate its heat so you will get a comfortable sleep. The cover has a simple but beautiful design and it feels quite soft. Nectar has applied anti-slip elements at the bottom to help the mattress stay in place. The cover is not machine washable so you should spot-clean it when needed. This is the only negative thing about it.


The Simba Hybrid cover is made of 100% polyester. This material is strong but quite soft at the same time. It’s also very breathable so the mattress will stay cool during the night. The design of this cover is a very beautiful one and it’s one I really like. If you want to clean it, you can remove it and machine-wash it at 40 degrees. This is great as it’s very easy to maintain. Simba has added 4 handles on the side to help you move it when needed. This is practical thinking and I love when makers think this way.

Verdict – Both covers are great and it’s hard to choose the best of the two. However, I think that the Nectar one is slightly better so I will give it the edge here.

Firmness & Comfort Comparison

Both mattresses are designed with the average sleeper in mind so they come with a medium-firm feel. I would say that Nectar and Simba are very similar so I have them both rated as 6.5 on my virtual firmness scale.

nectar vs simba firmness


The Nectar mattress is one of the most comfortable options out there and it’s one of my favourite memory foam mattresses. It’s good for all sleeping positions and will suit every type of sleeper. The lack of bounce might be a problem for some, however, this is a great couple’s mattress so if you share your bed with a partner this is a great option. Nectar is a great all-rounder and it won’t let you down.


The Simba mattress is geared towards those who seek support. The conical springs do an excellent job and the mattress did very well in the back and side position. If you are a stomach sleeper then maybe you should look elsewhere. The mattress comes with bounce which is something that many people want. The edge support is also great so you will get a great performance across the 4 corners of your bed. Simba is a well-balanced mattress that will suit most sleepers.

Verdict – Both mattresses are great but they have different characters. Nectar is the better all-rounder and a more comfortable option. Simba has more bounce and it’s more supportive than Nectar. Having said that, I think that Nectar is a more complete option so it’s the winner here.

Nectar vs Simba Mattress Comparison

In the table below, you can find detailed information about the two mattresses. It’s a head-2-head comparison that can help you decide between the two options.

MATTRESSNectarSimba Hybrid
TYPEMemory FoamHybrid
COVERPolyester CoverPolyester Cover
SUPPORTVery GoodVery Good
COMFORTVery GoodVery Good
PRICE RANGE£469-£769£609-£1,039
GUARANTEEForever10 Years
TRIAL PERIOD365 nights100 nights
DELIVERYFree Standard – Delivered in up to 72 hoursFree Standard – Delivered in up to 72 hours
RETURNS & REFUNDSFree returns – Full refund if you are not happy with the mattressFree returns – Full refund if you are not happy with the mattress
MADE INUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
OUR GRADE9.3/109.2/10

Which one should I buy?

This is always the tough question I have to answer now that I complete this Nectar vs Simba mattress comparison. Both mattresses are very good and that’s why they are so highly rated. However, I think that Nectar is the better of the two. It’s a more complete proposition and it comes with better service and support. It’s also better value for your money so I think it’s the winner in this comparison.

nectar mattress review

Buy the Nectar mattress if you look for:

  • An all-rounder that is designed for combo sleepers.
  • A mattress that is excellent for couples.
  • A memory foam mattress that comes with a 365-night trial and a forever guarantee.

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simba hybrid mattress review

Buy the Simba Hybrid mattress if you look for:

  • A hybrid mattress that is very supportive.
  • A mattress that has an excellent built quality.
  • A mattress that doesn’t sleep cool even during the hot summer days.

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