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hypnos mattress reviews

Hypnos Mattress Reviews

In this Hypnos mattress reviews article, we will explore the 8 collections on offer. Founded back in 1904, this is a maker that has seen great success for more than a century. This popular brand builds all their mattresses in their factory at Princes Risborough where a big number of experienced craftspeople make Hypnos mattresses using high-quality materials. They offer sleepers a big number of options so you will definitely find the one that suits your needs. If you want to find out more about the Hypnos story, you should have a look at the video below.

Are Hypnos mattresses worth the money?

Hypnos mattresses are not the most affordable ones but this is expected if you consider the way they are made. All of them are handcrafted by craftspeople who have years of experience and this of course comes with a cost. The people at Hypnos make high-quality pocket sprung mattresses using natural fillings like wool and cotton. For all the above-mentioned reasons, we think that Hypnos mattresses are worth their money. Having said that, if you don’t have a big budget, we think that you can definitely find better value elsewhere. If you are after a new mattress, make sure you have a look at our best options.

Hypnos Mattresses

The engineers at Hypnos have developed a number of mattresses to satisfy their customers’ needs. Depending on the model and size you will be getting, you can pay anything from £700 to £2600. They are available in selected retailers across the UK but if you want to shop online, we suggest you visiting Mattressman or Furniture Village as they offer good service and they run frequent promotions.

Royal Comfort Mattresses

royal comfort mattress

This collection features two mattresses: Sovereign and Eminence. The first one combines hair and lambswool with pocket springs to create a balanced mattress. The second one features latex, lambswool and hand teased wool to offer increased pressure relief and comfort. Both of them have an embedded topper which is a design suited to those who look for ‘Royal’ comfort. The mattresses measure 30cm in height and they are available in 3 different firmness profiles. They come with a 10-year guarantee and they are available in a number of sizes. Overall, this collection is great for those who look for comfort and support.

Regal Mattresses

regal mattress

This collection features 2 mattresses, the Signature and the Elegance. The first one combines pocket springs with breathable layers of Cashmere, Pashmina, Grey Hair, Wool, Bamboo and Silk. It measures 27cm in height so it’s not too thick. The second one combines ReActive™ pocket springs with layers of Cashmere, Camel Hair and Mohair. At the top, there is a sewn-in blanket made of British Wool and Solotex cushioning. It measures 28cm in height and it’s a handmade mattress. Both mattresses are available in a number of sizes and in 3 different firmness profiles. When you buy a Regal mattress, you will get a 10-year guarantee which will cover you for a long time. Overall, these mattresses are designed for those who look for comfort and a good value for money.

Regency Mattresses

regency mattress

The Regency collection consists of 4 mattresses. These are Clarence Sublime, Sandringham Sublime, St. James Sublime and Hampton Sublime. All mattresses are hybrid and they combine the UltraSens™ 17 pocket spring system with luxurious materials like organic wool, cashmere, alpaca and bamboo yarn. They measure 30cm in height and they are available in medium and firmer profiles. Due to the use of premium materials, the Regency collection is one of the more pricey within the Hypnos range so this is more suitable for those who can spend more. If you have the budget for it, the Regency collection is a great one!

Orthos Support Mattresses

orthos mattress

The Orthos Support collection is designed for those who suffer from back pain and need more support. It consists of 4 mattresses which are the Orthos Elite Alpaca, Orthos Elite Cashmere, Orthos Elite Silk and Orthos Elite Wool. All mattresses use firmer springs which can provide your body with increased support. For the comfort layers, Hypnos have used premium materials like silk, cashmere and wool. The mattresses in this collection measure 29cm in height and they are available in firm and extra firm profiles. They come with a 10-year guarantee and they will cost you anywhere between £800-£2200 depending on the size you will be getting.

Pillow Top Mattresses

pillow top mattress

The Pillow Top collection features 4 mattresses which are the Pillow Top Celestial, Pillow Top Stellar, Pillow Top Aurora, and Pillow Top Astral. These mattresses have a soft pillow topper which makes them ideal for those looking for comfort. They are also great for side sleepers so if you are one, this collection should be high on your list. The average heigh of these mattresses is 32cm and you will pay anywhere between £800-£1400.

Luxury No Turn Mattresses

luxury no turn mattress

If you don’t have a big budget but you still want to get a Hypnos mattress, you should consider the Luxury No Turn collection which consists of 3 mattresses. These are the Luxury No Turn Superb, the Luxury No Turn Deluxe and the Luxury No Turn Supreme. Despite the lower price, these mattresses are made with luxury materials like wool and cashmere. They come with a lower profile (28cm) and they are designed to suit all types of sleepers. If you want to get one, you should be ready to spend between £500-£1,100 which is not too bad if we consider the materials used here.

Origins Mattresses

origins mattress

The Origins collection features 6 mattresses. These are the Wool Origins 6,8 & 10 and the Cotton Origins 6,7 & 8. This collection is one of the newest they released and they decided to use eco-friendly materials to make these mattresses more sustainable. For example, they use Red Tractor certified British wool which is sourced ethically and it’s of great quality. All mattresses come with a high profile (33cm) and they are designed for combo sleepers. If you want to get one, prepare to pay anything between £800-£1700 depending on the size and type you will be getting.

E-Motion Adjustable Mattresses

e-motion mattress

The Adjustable E-Motion Collection consists of mattresses and divans which are specifically designed to offer sleepers a customisable experience. They allow you to read or watch TV without sacrificing the comfort of your bed. The collection features two options, the E-Motion and E-Motion Plus. Using an electrical controller, you can adjust the position of your mattress according to your needs. These mattresses are pocket sprung ones and they are made with high-quality materials like alpaca and wool. If you like a mattress of this kind, the Hypnos E-Motion collection should be high on your list.

Should I buy a Hypnos mattress?

This is always a tough question to answer but I will do my best now that I am about to complete this Hypnos mattress reviews piece. This is a brand that has seen great success all these years and this is no coincidence. They make high-quality mattresses using exceptional materials like British wool and cashmere. Some of the collections tend to offer a better value for money and this is where you should probably focus. We think that these are the Orthos and Luxury No Turn collections. Hypnos is a great British maker and these mattresses definitely worth your attention.

Hypnos Mattress Reviews
Excellent materials
Supportive and comfortable
Not all Hypnos mattresses are affordable